Thursday, August 22, 2013

Drawing on Objects, Assignment Guidelines

  • The object you draw on will be constructed by you. 
  • Carefully consider the conceptual and formal relationship of the object and the marks. 
  • The object you construct must have height, width and depth. 
  • Present your ideas to the class on your scheduled day (I will announce presentation dates during class time). Must have two different ideas, at least three pieces of research for each, two must be visual imagery. There is a handout that must be filled out before you present. You can find it on LMS. 
  • Once complete, post professional images and an artist statement on your blog.

  • Your choice.

Visual Inspiration:
  • Select the link "Drawing On Objects" in the right column. 
  • I also have images on my Pinterest board, "Drawing on Objects". Link here

  • You must be able to support all your decisions, conceptual and formal, verbally and in an artist statement. 
  • You are expected to make thoughtful decisions that demonstrate research, intellect and meaning. 
  • Professional images of the final solution are required as well as an artist statement. 
  • Post images and artist statement on your blog after you have presented final solution to the class. 

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