Sunday, August 16, 2015

Narrative Drawing, Assignment Guidelines

  • You will be making drawings on a two-dimensional surface. 
  • The drawings will be cut out and arranged (installed) to visually communicate a narrative.
  • No limit on size of drawings/installation. 
  • Site of installation will be somewhere on campus. Depending on your idea, the site may or may not be specific to your narrative. Keep this in mind when deciding on a location. All locations must be approved by me.
  • You have several choices for a location. Attach to a flat surface, such as the wall. Hang from the ceiling. Create back easels for each drawing so it can stand up on it's own. If you want to use an outdoor site you can fasten drawings to spikes that will go in the ground. 
  • Present your ideas to the class on your scheduled day (I will announce presentation dates during class time). Must have two different ideas, at least three pieces of research for each, two must be visual imagery. There is a handout that must be filled out before you present. You can find it on LMS. 
  • Once complete, post professional images and an artist statement on your blog. 

  • A good quality drawing paper and cardboard will provide a sturdy shape. 
  • Can also use other materials such as vellum or fabric - just have to devise a way to install. 
  • Color or Black/White. 
  • Scale is your choice.

Visual Inspiration:
  • I have gathered visual examples for you to look at. Click on the category "Narrative" in the right column. Make sure to examine all info posted for the artist and follow up with any links. 

  • You must be able to support all your decisions, conceptual and formal, verbally and in an artist statement. 
  • You are expected to make thoughtful decisions that demonstrate research, intellect and meaning. 
  • Professional images of the final solution are required as well as an artist statement. 
  • Post images and statement on your blog after you have presented final solution to the class. 

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