Sunday, August 16, 2015

Drawing Collection Assignment Guidelines

Create a collection of drawings that explore experimental mark making while adhering to a chosen theme. The collection must occupy a surface area that measures 4' x 3'. Drawings may vary in size and materials.

Part I
In class we will experiment with various ways to make marks. Come to class prepared with the following:
  • At least 12 sheets of good quality white paper. Can cut from your roll. Each sheet should measure approx. 8" x 10". 
  • Any additional scrap paper or other surfaces such as cardboard, sandpaper, envelopes, tracing paper. Can be any size. 
  • Scissors and Exacto knife. 
  • Various materials such as inks, paints, pastels, charcoal, brushes, gesso, mask tape/painters tape and any thing else you can think of.
  • Be prepared to get dirty.

Part II
Research artists that have made drawing collections. I have a artists on the class blog for you to check out. Look under the category "Drawing Collection".

Also, I have a Pinterest boards entitled "Drawing Collection" and "Drawing Making Marks" that can offer inspiration.

Post at least three visual forms of research on your blog. Site a source for each example.

Part III
Continue to develop your drawing collection. Decide on a theme. Theme can be decided ahead of time or discovered as you work.

What to put on the blog:
1. At least two professional images of the entire drawing collection. 
2. Several detail images. 
3. "Label" info for the drawing: title, medium, size (length" x width"). If your drawing has dimension on the surface your measurements will be length x width x depth. 
4. Artist statement.
5. Research with sources sited. 

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