Friday, September 16, 2016

Olivia Junghans, Student Work

For this project I was inspired by the history of St. Augustine and how over time even the rocks can be broken and disintegrate. I was inspired by a video of a man practicing the art of rock balancing. 

I decided it was fitting, how precarious some of the older St. Augustine houses sit. They seem to balance on the coquina and wood that is some 400 years old giving me the idea to create an ephemeral representation of the houses I walk by ever day. 

* Not shortly after, through rain and wind, my piece was knocked down, further proving my stance

For this next piece  I was interested in light and how water reflects light. I decided to go out at night when the lights would be most visible and cause movements in the water to see what would happen to the light. I would wait and let the ripples/ energy calm before I made my next movement to stay true to the ephemeral aspect of the project.

I decided on the name Conductor as water is a low conductor of electricity, but I also felt like I was conducting a visual rhythm through the water. 

Materials used were artificial lights in the environment and my body.

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