Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Below are links to a few podcasts. I will continue to add to the list as I receive suggestions, so check back. Most have apps that you can download on your phone.

This American Life

Radio Lab

The Moth 

On Being



TED Radio Hour

State of the Re-Union 
State of the Re-Union and Reveal hosted by Al Letson. Letson hails from Jacksonville.
Host, Executive Producer, Idea Man, and Top Dog of State of the Re:Union, Al Letson has received national recognition and built a devoted fan base with soul-stirring, interdisciplinary work. He established himself early in his career as a heavyweight in the Poetry Slam Movement, which garnered artistic credibility and renown. Performing on a number of national, regional and local stages including HBO's Def Poetry Jam, CBS's Final Four PreGame Show and commercial projects for Sony, the Florida Times Union, Adobe Software, and the Doorpost Film Project, Al has honed his professional voice and artistic sensibilities into a unique brand that is all his own. After winning the Public Radio Talent Quest, Al received a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting to create three episodes of his public radio show concept State of the Re:Union. His company finished their first grant in August of 2009 and has just been awarded one of the largest public radio grants every given to a single project to produce a full season of shows.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Jessie Reulbach, Student Work

Lea Scarangella, Student Work

Controlling the Uncontrollable
Photo paper, tracing paper, drawing paper, paint, natural dyes, flowers
3' x 5'

Artist Statement:
A lot of my work involves destruction so I decided to burn the edges of each piece in order to create interesting negative spaces between drawings. A theme in some of my work is the idea of controlling the uncontrollable. Most of the materials I used are natural and the processes are ones that happen and are difficult to control precisely. I feel as though this a commentary on my childhood as well, trying to control things around me even though they were spiraling out of control.

Marina Rossi, Student Work

Trail Mix
Coffee, tea, paint, gesso, wax, cardboard, paper
4' x 3'

Marina Rossi, Student Work

paint, ink, charcoal, gesso on paper
4' x 5'

Cynthia Rountree, Student Work

White Paper, Gesso, Black Paper, Black Fabric, Black Masking Tape
84” x 84”