Saturday, October 5, 2013

I could not find name of artist.  Source link here.

Although drawings are not actually on the object, I thought this work inspiring for our Drawing on Objects assignment. One could draw directly on the music stand. 

James Michael Starr, Artist

Link here to read about this piece and see more by this artist.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Long Term Challenges

Long Term
The assignments below are intended to take a week or more to complete.  Not all assignments are given each semester.  Be prepared to take notes in class as I will discuss which assignments we are doing, details and due dates.

You can find specific guidelines specific for each assignment and examples to the right, in the category side bar.

10 Foot Drawing
Conversations, Text and Drawing
Diagram a Movie
Drawing as Performance
Drawing on Objects
Shadow Drawing
Kinetic Drawing
Lines in Space, Tangible and Non-Tangible
Make a Drawing in a public place using only the materials around you.
Walk The Line

Some thoughts about surface and location:
For all assignments consider non-traditional surfaces such as cardboard, sandpaper, paper bags, plastic bags, fabric, trace paper, playing cards, graph paper, wood, metal, used envelopes, wax, glass, mirrors.  Also, a temporary surface is worth thinking about.  For instance, the dirt in your garden, concrete, or the side of a building (as long as you don't use permanent materials that can leave a permanent mark), under a table (think of places that people don't usually see).