Saturday, January 17, 2015

Memory Drawing and Response Drawing

Both are in class exercises.
Guidelines will be announced in class the day of the exercises.
Come to class with the following materials.

Materials for Memory and Response (two separate drawings):
-White paper, 21" x 24"  - need two pieces this size. Can cut from your paper roll that measures 42" x 30'.
-Pencil or pen
-Option - can use black, gray or toned paper - make sure you have a white pencil or another light colored pencil.

The studio of Agnes Martin (1912-2004)
New Mexico, USA 1977

What to put on the blog:
1. At least two professional images of each drawing. 
2. At least one detail image of each drawing. 
3. "Label" info for each drawing: title, medium, size (L x W xD). 
4. Artist statement for each drawing.