Monday, November 12, 2012

Erase, Student Work, Kate Willink

"For this challenge I drew ideas from my love of history. I thought of a time before photographs, when paintings were all that documented the appearance of people. If these paintings did not exist, the people captured in these paintings would almost disappear, with the exception of written word. Even if a person was written about, I believe the lasting painting of their portrait makes the person more significant to be known by the generations that follow.
I chose portraits by my favorite 18th century painter Louise √Člisabeth Vig√©e Le Brun. Using an inkjet printer I printed the images on 5 x 7 canvas paper, front and back. On one side the portrait remains, on the other I’ve used acrylic paint erase the subject."

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Water, Student Work, Kate Willink

"For this challenge I chose to create images to view through water. I took instant photographs keeping in mind the idea of viewing a little world inside an enclosed space underwater. Some photos were more abstract than others, all with the intention of creating spaces that would evoke their own feeling. Placed inside mason jars, the curvature of the jar combined with the magnification of the water made each image wrap around the viewers point of view, resulting in the feeling of looking into a new space."

Sandpaper, Student Work, Alex McNutt

Gouache on sandpaper.

Student Work, Cooper Neil

Student Work, Maja Hydbom

Scratch, Student Work, Charlotte Johnson

Tape, Student Work, Kate Willink

"Using all variations of tape in my home, I worked with the material repeatedly to create different compositions. I started with scraps of board and manipulated the different tapes, including casette tape, cotton fabric tape, packaging tape, and various masking tapes. I enjoyed the different textures of these compositions and playing with a limited color scheme (shades of white and black) to create contrast."

Water, Student Work, Charlotte Johnson