Sunday, September 16, 2012

Klaus Burgel, Artist

Although the objects are not "found", but rather made by the artist, the idea of a drawing with an object can offer inspiration for the found object assignment.  Check out more work on the artist's website.  Link here.

Shaun Kardinal, Artist

 Source link here.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Student Work, Fall 2012

Quick Challenges for Cardboard.

Anne Wilson, Artist

thread, fabric

hair, fabric

Link here for artist's website.

Cendrine Rovin, Artist

Link here to see more images and read an interview with the artist.

Link here for artist's website and to watch a video of a work in progress.

Joetta Maue, Artist

she danced ... ,.
hand embroidered, appliqu├ęd, cut, and stained re-appropriated linen,
As installed at Parlour Antics, Brooklyn NY

Link   here to  see artist's website.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Whitfield Lovell, Artist

Whitfield Lovell. American, born 1959.Temptation,  2000. Charcoal on wood, found objects (chair, frames, metal implement). 101 x 69 3/4 x 36 inches. Purchased with the Hillyer-Mather-Tryon Fund. 
Whitfield Lovell is known for his sculptural tableaux of meticulously-drawn portraits of anonymous African-Americans from the Civil War to the Civil Rights Movement. 

Source is Smith College Museum of Art.  Link here.

Student Work

A collection of cardboard challenges.

Christo and Jeanne Claude, Artists

Christian Roux & Thomas Christiani, Artists

Source link here.

Guerilla Marketing

"Guerilla marketing ad for Amnesty International featuring silver gaffa tape."  I found it here.

Krista Charles, Artist

More to see here

Tom Sachs, Artist

Claire Ellery, Artist

Found here, on I Love Sitcky Tape.

Tape Generations

Moshekwa Langa, Artist

Eva Wittocx, Artist

Found here, I Love Sticky Tape.

Caroline Mak, Artist

Source link here.

Kinesio Tape

"Kinesio tape, developed by a Japanese doctor over 30 years ago, is much more than just a fashion statement -- though athletes like German beach volleyball player Katrin Holtwick use it for both. It takes a special certification just to be licensed to apply it and once on, it separates the upper layer of the skin from muscle tissue. This extra space allows for muscles to fire and recover more quickly." - source link here.

William Kentridge, Artist