Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Alex, Student Work

Van Eggers, Student Work

Ashley DeLoach, Student Work

Joseph Provenza, Student Work

I used contrast as my main compositional device in this drawing. I used the white rocks against the gloomy brown ground to create emphasis on the man-made orderliness of the rocks. The stark, gutter-like stone formation also aids in this composition to further contrast chaotic nature with structure.

For this drawing, I used the stark geometric aspect of the train tracks to contrast the organic forms of the plants. I used lights, figure, and long exposure to create ephemeral marks and to almost capture the essence of this assignment. By using the long exposure, the marks I was making were actually disappearing as I was making them. 

Nicki Smith, Student Work

Artist Statement: This was my second piece and I actually wish I approached this piece differently. But what I based this off of was the piece by Malevich, 'White on White' because of the two overlapping squares, in this case it was rectangles. The last photo of my work is what was left of the project. Leaf blower people destroyed my art.

Artist Statement: This piece began as the initial experiment messing with nature. I wanted to bring nature into an area where people generally remove it so they can use the spot and such. I did rings because it was pleasing to the eye and I felt it looked nice aesthetically. The last photo is what it looked like 4 days later.

Artist Statement: My personal favorite is this simplistic piece. The triangle represents an arrow and without context it essentially is asking people to walk or go this way. To follow this direction. The lighting works in favor of this piece. I admire how it's silently pulling you in the direction it's pointing.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Lise Stoufflet, Artist

Artist website link here

Lise Stoufflet, Artist

Artist website link here.

Joe Joe Provenza, Student Work

In this drawing, I used light and temperature to cultivate the surreal atmosphere and landscape created with painters tape. I used the organic form and space to create a feeling of naturalism while wholly counterbalancing it with flares and surreal, harsh lighting. I used tape coming off of the wall to frame this shot by attaching it to the lens. This emphasizes an atmosphere of discovery and new vision.

Matthew Dolby, Student Work

Courtney Brown, Student Work

Trapped: Created with off white painter's tape. The height exceeded 5' and the width falls short at only 3'. In order to compensate for the shortened width, the depth is 5'.
Titled 'Trapped' because of the limited space as well as the poster of the pop star who appears to be "trapped" in pop culture or in this case, "contemporary tape-drawing" culture. Basically displaying the limitations that artists set for themselves when they identify with a genre. This relates back to the confined space I chose for this drawing.

Nicki Smith, Student Work

Artist Statement: 
What I had in mind initially for this piece was having the feeling of  being held captive. I decided to convey that by strapping a human into a chair. The gas mask wasn't in mind, but was found last minute and I felt it fit perfectly with this image. Essentially it's a someone being held captive or as a hostage. The black and white filter adds to it by giving it an older vibe and sense of eeriness.

Artist Statement:
Before creating this piece, I had already made the other spacial tape drawings and as I tore down the tape and squished it together I got an idea. I felt the tape resembled something of water and I wanted to create the illusion of water overflowing a surface of some sort. I wanted the scene to have a chaotic feeling but also be simplistic at the same time. I feel the essence of that is captured here.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Cynthia Diagnault, Artist

This artist offers ideas for two assignments, drawing collection and multiple panel. 

drawing collection

drawing collection

drawing collection

drawing collection

multiple panel

Artist's website. Link here