Sunday, September 22, 2013

Andrea Heideman, Student Work

Image made by pricking and ripping holes in a paper towel.

Two Moon July - David Byrne Reports from LA

Brenda McClary, Student Work

Challenge: Holes
Image made by taking a photo through holes on a black paper. 

Danielle Irwin, Student Work

Challenge: Powder

Wet face with wash cloth and then applied glitter 

Pattern made with glue and then covered in salt.

Salted mold made from covering my lips in glue and dipping them in salt then allowing to dry and applying it to painted burlap. The top piece (bottom lip) is facing up with the salted side exposed and the bottom piece (upper lip) is facing down with the mod exposed.

Baked ginger

Baked cinnamon 

Tanis Montgomery, Student Work

Challenge: Transparent
Images made by photographing a glass of juice in front of a light source.

Shauna Eve, Artists

"I draw confessions. Things I can’t or won’t say out loud find a voice on paper in the form of anamorphic avatars. A bit of a wanderer, my work has influences from living in the north, on the west coast, New York and Montreal. Horse headed women cavort with wasps that carry human teeth, while disembodied hands engage in an intimate clasping of beak and tongue, inviting the viewer to taste, to touch, to feel." - source is Lost At E Minor.  Link here

Jessica Harrison, Artist

Artist website link here.

Machida Kumi, Artist

Source is Lost At E Minor.  Link here.

Tim Sandy, Artist

Source link here.

Michael Snow, Artist

Source link here.

Lezli Rubin, Artist

Source link here.

Drawing in Space

source link here

Anthony Caro, Artist

Rachel Beckman, Artist

Source link here.

Drawing in Space, Student Work at Austin Peay State University

Source link here.

Infinity, Artist

Source is Brooklyn Street Art.  Link here.

Gelah Penn, Artist

"Gelah Penn is exhibiting an installation entitled “Detour” at Kentler International Drawing Space in Brooklyn. She uses various wire meshes and objects in a web-like creation that climbs the gallery’s walls sporting small hives constructed by winding wire tightly around itself providing focal points in the entanglement. " - image and text source Ben La Rocco, The Brooklyn Rail.  Link here.

Rogan Brown, Artist

Artist's website link here

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Homemade Porcelain Clay

1 cup of cornstarch/ corn flour
1 cup PVA glue (school grade white glue, any brand would do)
2 tablespoons of vinegar/ lemon juice/ lime juice
2 tablespoons of baby oil/ cooking oil

Link here for step by step directions.

Source is Puffy Little Things