Monday, March 19, 2012

Student Work, Josh Weaver, Fall 2011

For walk the line I choose three different locations to take thread all the way from the base to the tallest point I could. I made a path anyone could follow and see how I did it. The video more or less was to just document my procedures. The thread was chosen to be something tangible yet unrecognizable unless examined closely. It was to be a reminder of my journey to these places of both excitement and even nervousness while climbing but then the tranquility of the top of the rooftops.

Student Work, Josh Weaver, Fall 2011

With my erasing project I used 8 figures and literally erased them from the portraits of them in a specific area. Each one serves the purpose to further the idea that we take thousands of photos to remember ourselves in certain places and times. Yet we leave that place eventually, we may come back to it, but we are never there full time unless the photograph freezes that time.

Student Work, Andi Parent, Fall 2011

Student Work, Rachel, Spring 2012

Student Work, Chryssha, Spring 2012

Student Work, Andi Parent, Fall 2011

Student Work

Combining various challenges.  Tyler Fieldhouse.

Student Work

Combining various challenges.  Johanna Falzone.

Student Work

Combining various challenges.  Emmie Brown.

Student Work, Kaitlyn Caboose Deitz

Fabric Challenge
Miniature Donuts

Student Work, Rachel DeCuba

Fabric Challenge

Student Work, Cardboard

Jenna Stanish

Christine McGrath

Student Work, Kerry O'Connor

Student Work, Deborah Clark

Envelope Challenge

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Maggie Taylor

“Using 19th century tin-types, photographs, and images, she scanned them on a flatbed scanner. She then combines them with some other images that she photographed, acquired, or other objects that she scanned. These images are then composed, combined, and colorized by using the Adobe Photoshop program. In a typical image composed by Taylor, there can be as many as 40-60+ layers." Article by Douglas Eby. Link here to read more.

A lot more to see on the website. Link here.

Studio Bibliotheque

People mountain, people ceiling: Cutouts of an man in officewear pervaded the architectural elements all around the loft staircase. (Skive: A Worker’s Guide, Michael Lee Hong Hwee, 2005-2008)

Top: Visitors from Chinese University of Hong Kong’s Visual Studies programme discussed issues of stardom and contemporary portraiture as they gathered around Debbie Hill’s paintings of fallen stars on chewing gum. Bottom: Closeup view of one of the chewing gum pieces featuring the portrait of rockstar Amy Winehouse. (Juicy Fruit, Debbie Hill, 2007)

Link here to see and read more.

Dan Walker: Unstuck in Paris

"...organizing a disparate collection of the ephemera from his life, and adding texts in an effort to give these small compositions a direction (even if it’s a comical dead end), and even though he has avoided direct narrative. Unstuck, a fairly massive exhibition of his collage works over the past year and a half, opened last week in Paris at Galerie d’Architecture in the central Marais area of Paris."

Article and interview by Matthew Rose. I found on The Art Blog. Link here.

Linnea Vegh and Steven Streisguth

Working and thinking about found objects.

"“Small Objects”, on view at VWVOFFKA is the collaborative body of sculpture, print and found objects by Linnea Vegh and Steven Streisguth. The show embodies the concept of collaboration on many levels. Point and counterpoint can be found formally, conceptually, and in the process of making. The collaborative spirit can also be seen in the way these artists specifically wanted Vwvoffka’s space for it’s inviting, homey appearance (it originally was meant to be a living room). They even brought in living room chairs, a rug, and a lamp to make a comfortable place for visitors to view and discuss the work. Visitors are allowed to touch the work because the artists themselves always want to touch the art they view in exhibitions, Vegh said." Found on The Art Blog. Link here.