Monday, October 24, 2011

Final Project Guidelines

The Final Project for this class is a body of work.  50% of the work will come from your Quick Challenges.  You will be using work you already completed to expand upon. You will decide on an idea/theme/process that you explored in a Quick Challenge and continue to add this body of work. The final project will demonstrate continued development in an area previously explored and reflect your ideas about contemporary and conceptual drawing practices.  I have set aside class days for each of you to “lay out” every quick challenge that you did during the semester.  As a class we will discuss your work; repeating themes or approaches, common details or ideas.  From this discussion you will decide how to proceed.  

Ask yourself, "What is it that I wish to communicate visually?" "What materials and processes can be used to successfully communicate my idea?"

Step 1, Do Some Research:
Post at least 3 pieces of research on your blog.  Each piece of research is to include a brief statement as to why you find the information important.  Research includes sources used in your planning process of the final project.  Sources include images of another artists work, images of historical artifacts, images of a particular process or material, written forms of information such as articles, poetry and literature, a video from TED Talks (or another worthy source).

Step 2, Get To Work:
Take pics as you work on your piece.  Post pics on your blog.

Step 3, Take A Professional Picture:
When your piece is complete, document it with professional photographs.  Take as many pics as needed to best show your piece.  Post on your blog.

Step 4, Write A Statement:
A written statement is required for the final project.  The questions above and your research will help you write the statement.  Post statement on your blog.

Artist William Kentridge drawing in his Johannesburg studio.  Source link here

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