Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Student Work

Ryan Tempro

"Our final assignment was an open one, we got to do whatever we wanted. During the class critiques we discovered that I am a manipulator of mediums in a way. My projects weren't necessarily using the mediums as they were intended, not that that is a bad thing. A good amount of the work was based on experiences that I was present for and often others weren't. The only indication was for there to be either photo or video evidence, and in some cases, neither. I want for all of my final works to be able to be displayed somehow, and have consistency. My project for the final was simple, have others around me give me assignments on what I should do. It could be anything, an action, a drawing, or process. The one guideline that I gave each person who wanted to participate was that it had to be personal to our relationship, i.e. it had to be about how we know each other, or something about the relationship we have as acquaintances. This would overall make a body of work about the friendships and relationships that I have been apart of throughout my life, in a way growing to become almost autobiographical illustrations of my experiences with others. These projects and assignments are on going and the list of them is being added to often."

Read more about this body of work and see more images on Ryan's blog. Link here.

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