Sunday, March 11, 2012

Linnea Vegh and Steven Streisguth

Working and thinking about found objects.

"“Small Objects”, on view at VWVOFFKA is the collaborative body of sculpture, print and found objects by Linnea Vegh and Steven Streisguth. The show embodies the concept of collaboration on many levels. Point and counterpoint can be found formally, conceptually, and in the process of making. The collaborative spirit can also be seen in the way these artists specifically wanted Vwvoffka’s space for it’s inviting, homey appearance (it originally was meant to be a living room). They even brought in living room chairs, a rug, and a lamp to make a comfortable place for visitors to view and discuss the work. Visitors are allowed to touch the work because the artists themselves always want to touch the art they view in exhibitions, Vegh said." Found on The Art Blog. Link here.

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