Monday, August 20, 2012

Student Work, Erase

Andrea Landers
"Erasing by overcompensation- I signed my signature over and over itself to show the way that I tend to try to define myself and in doing so, I "try" to be myself and lose my real identity."
"Losing Ground- I partly filled in a crossword puzzle, some of the words were fit but not the "right" one. Erasing them showed what it's like to see progress undone."

"Starting Over- I wrote a letter to a friend that I want to reconnect with who hurt me, but is far way.  Instead of writing about things in the past , I erased those things representing a new point of time."

"Diminishing- a drawing of how things can gradually fade way, concrete can become faint. ( I erased the inside shapes totally and lines of center shapes to show a process of fading)"

"Cheating-tweaking the truth, covering it up."

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