Thursday, December 13, 2012

Rosemary Meza, Artist

"Meza stands among a small group of artists who employ human hair; however, by using it in place of the drawn line, she differs from the pack. The artist admits to obsessively collecting, sorting and arranging her hair by length and color. She even tints it two shades of brownone a bit redder than the otherso she can bring subtle tonal differences to her palette. Meza sews hair to canvas, paper and other surfaces, using it as its own form of repetitive mark-making; thus, she is never far from the draftsman's toolkit, shading and shaping in two dimensions. By sewing hair in place of the drawn line, she is able to harness many meanings, both in connection with the act of sewing and the tactile presence of the material at hand. In works like Keep Your Fingers Crossed, she focusesfigurativelyon the hand, but her materials communicate remarkable tension. When no longer on the head, individual strands of hair suggest stress in a way that no amount of crosshatching can ever do, alluding to such clichés as tearing my hair out or a hair-pulling experience." - source Rosemary Meza: Uncomfortable Positions by Peggy Geinkel-Wolfe, Art Lies.  Link here.

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