Saturday, May 31, 2014

Ana Mendieta, Artist

Tree of Life, 1976

"Mendieta’s work is both beautiful and haunting as it draws on the life long pain the artist experienced after being ripped from her Cuban homeland as a young orphan. Mendieta’s insatiable desire to reconnect with her motherland runs though her work and seems to almost give each piece a heart and a soul of its own. This connection with the earth is reflected in her choice of materials which included flowers, grass, soil, rock, gunpowder and fire. Unconcerned with the monetary value or collectibility of her work Mendieta would often create pieces which lasted mere minutes, or even seconds as was the case with her ‘sculptures in the sky’ made from smoke. As a result many pieces exist only as photographic records and a fair portion of the exhibition is devoted to displaying the extensive body of photographs and records that she kept of her works and performance pieces."

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