Friday, October 10, 2014

Evelyn Bencicova, Artist

We have come across many a story of fashion models turning towards other occupations, but that of 21-year-old photographer Evelyn Bencicova must be one of the most interesting (and successful at that). Born in Bratislava, Slovakia, the Berlin-based photographer decided to pursue her interest in fashion- and art-photography a couple of years ago, following her urge to create images and stories of her own. Back in her childhood, Bencicova wanted to be, amongst other things, a philosopher and a politician, aspirations which seem to have reemerged into her more recent creative work – since behind her impressively coherent and visually stunning work lies a healthy dose of thought and research, as well as the ambition to tackle some serious philosophical questions about human existence and, as she says, ''the true nature of things.''
For Evelyn Bencicova, the content of the picture is not just the person or the object that it depicts, but rather the thoughts or concepts the image evokes. Her images go beyond the apparent, without however being symbolic or representational: for her, a photograph is just a moment in a longer and multilayered creative process, since she sees herself more of a creator of scenes or sculptural compositions than ‘just’ a photographer, admitting that she is not really interested in the technical aspects of what she does. Through her treatment of the body as more of a sculptural or choreographic device (paired with the extensive use of props and materials such as melted wax, extravagant costumes, or even dead fish), Bencicova creates poignant visual gestures which do not ‘stand for’ something, but rather bring actual relationships into existence – relationships between the individuals who pose for her, the body and its environment, the viewer and Bencicova herself.

Text and image source Yatzer. Link here.

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