Monday, November 24, 2014

Tanis Montgomery, Student Work

Final Project
Use work made during quick challenges.
Fall 2013

This piece is a compilation of some of the work I did for exercises throughout the span of this course applied to a new concept.  The work I did that stuck out the most during my Lay It All Out session were the wax pieces, which are my absolute favourite pieces, and the sound pieces I did for the water challenge.  I also worked a bit with text before the end of the challenges and that may have played into the ideas that were suggested to me as well.  One classmate's proposal for my final project was to display the wax pieces with the sounds of them being created played in the space.  This reminded me of One and Three Chairs, a piece by Joseph Kosuth made in 1965 that explores semiotics through different representations of a chair.  He did this many times with other objects as well, but the chair piece is the most famous one, and you're likely to have seen it before:

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