Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Jake Carlson, Student Work


Regardless of who you are, your political values or moral beliefs, you have to admit that Donald Trump is using discrimination, power, and fear to make a run for this 2016 election. This project pokes fun at a political candidate to depict a broken America. Before the industrial revolution, silver spoons were signs of extreme wealth and elegance, thus spawning the saying, "Born with a silver spoon in his mouth".  This is the ideology I wanted to evoke with this piece. These are photo transfers on spoons, hung up on divided flag where the stripes are intentionally not matching up. We are at a time when the 1% owns the majority the money in this country. We are experiencing racial acts of terrorism between citizens. I don't believe it is beneficial for a big business mogul, who supports shutting certain races out of our country, should occupy the White House. 

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