Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Olivia Clemons, Student Work

Each of these eraser drawings centers around the idea of time, incorporating erasing as a concept of time. The work "Time, Paper, Tree" plays with the irony of drawing a tree on paper as an earlier reflection of the paper itself. "Time in the Living Room", is my living room over time, drawing in my roommates erasing them, drawing in and erasing the movements of the dog and the coffee table. This work made me reconsider the idea of a drawing which previously seemed to capture a single moment. Yet, in reality most drawings from life are a reflection of the multiple hours in which they were created.While drawing "The End" I was thinking about death in the context of time, not being the end.For the piece "Under a Tree", I would draw the shadows of the branches once an hour over the course of several hours letting the shadows illustrate time.      

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