Thursday, July 23, 2015

Ephemeral Marks In The Landscape, Assignment Guidelines

  • Make drawings (2) drawings that leave temporary marks in a landscape. 
  • Each drawing should occupy approx. a perimeter of 5' (width)  x 5' (height). Depth is your choice.
  • Photograph each drawing from multiple angles. Also, include detail shots. 
  • The final solution can also be a video. 
  • Post images on your blog. 
  • Title each drawing. 
  • Write a brief statement for each drawing. 
  • Present your work to the class.

  • The only materials/tools you can use are objects or items in/ near the area (this includes your body).

Visual Inspiration:

  • Check out visual examples here on the blog. Look under the title "Ephemeral Marks in the Landscape". 

ephemeral |əˈfem(ə)rəladjectivelasting for a very short time: fashions are ephemeral.• (chiefly of plants) having a very short life cycle.nounan ephemeral plant.DERIVATIVESephemerality |əˌfem(ə)ˈralədēnoun.ephemerally adverb.ephemeralness nounORIGIN late 16th cent.: from Greek ephēmeros (see ephemera-al.

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