Thursday, July 23, 2015

Ephemeral Marks In The Landscape, Assignment Guidelines

  • Make drawings (2) drawings that leave temporary marks in a landscape. 
  • Each drawing should occupy approx. a perimeter of 5' (width)  x 5' (height). Depth is your choice.
  • Photograph each drawing from multiple angles. Also, include detail shots. 
  • The final solution can also be a video. 
  • Post images on your blog. 
  • Title each drawing. 
  • Write a brief statement for each drawing. 
  • Present your work to the class.

  • Use objects or items in/ near the area (this includes your body).
  • Or you can bring objects into the landscape. Remember, the drawings are not permanent and any items brought into the landscape cannot be harmful to the landscape and must be removed by you. 
  • You can also create objects with the intention of specifically placing in the landscape. 

Visual Inspiration:

  • Check out visual examples here on the blog. Look under the title "Ephemeral Marks in the Landscape". 

ephemeral |əˈfem(ə)rəladjectivelasting for a very short time: fashions are ephemeral.• (chiefly of plants) having a very short life cycle.nounan ephemeral plant.DERIVATIVESephemerality |əˌfem(ə)ˈralədēnoun.ephemerally adverb.ephemeralness nounORIGIN late 16th cent.: from Greek ephēmeros (see ephemera-al.

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