Thursday, July 23, 2015

Spatial Tape Drawings, Assignment Guidelines

  • Make one (1) three-dimensional drawing. 
  • If you begin your drawing on a two-dimensional surface, you will have to figure out a way to extend a tape line off of the surface into space. 
  • The body counts as a flat surface. If using the body, you will have to extend tape lines from the body to another surface. 
  • Your drawing can exist in space, relying on a surface or object for "anchoring". 
  • The drawing should occupy approx. 5' x 5'. Width and height. Depth is your choice.
  • Think outside the box - ceilings, sidewalks, corners, cracks, doorways, spaces such as under the table, between trees.
  • Photograph the final solution. Take multiple photos as well as detail shots. 
  • Post images on your blog. 
  • Title each drawing.
  • Write a brief statement for each drawing.
  • Present your work to the class. 
  • Use only painters tape.
  • Can be any color, or multiple colors, and any width.
Visual Inspiration:

  • Artist and student examples found here on the blog. Go to the right column and click on category "Tape" and "Tape Student Work".

The artists below are not using tape as their medium, but their work may offer you inspiration for this assignment. You can find more of their work by googling their name. 

Eva Hesse

Judy Pfaff

Sarah Sze

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