Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Nicki Smith, Student Work

Artist Statement: 
What I had in mind initially for this piece was having the feeling of  being held captive. I decided to convey that by strapping a human into a chair. The gas mask wasn't in mind, but was found last minute and I felt it fit perfectly with this image. Essentially it's a someone being held captive or as a hostage. The black and white filter adds to it by giving it an older vibe and sense of eeriness.

Artist Statement:
Before creating this piece, I had already made the other spacial tape drawings and as I tore down the tape and squished it together I got an idea. I felt the tape resembled something of water and I wanted to create the illusion of water overflowing a surface of some sort. I wanted the scene to have a chaotic feeling but also be simplistic at the same time. I feel the essence of that is captured here.

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