Friday, August 26, 2016

Multiple Panel Drawings Assignment Guidelines

  • Create a large scale drawing using multiple panels of paper. Option - use other surface in place of paper or in addition to to paper (cardboard, fabric, tracing paper, etc...). 
  • Materials and processes are your choice. Those of you working with color make sure you discuss with me before beginning. I will be asking you about your formal and conceptual reasons for using color. 
  • Research artists working in the format of multiple panel drawing. I have several artists for you to look at here on the class blog under the category "Multiple Panels". Post at least three different artists on your blog. Site sources. 
  • Consider the content of your drawing. 
  • Size will be agreed upon between instructor and student. 
  • Panels do not have to be "square". Panels can be all the same shape or various. You can mix up surfaces too. 
  • The majority of panels should be touching/overlapping.
  • Drawing will need to be assembled in order to present. Unless you are working with all fabric - then you can roll up. Also, some thin papers can be rolled. 
  • Before beginning present three different ideas to the class.  The presentation includes the research you did and sketches. Can present everything hard copy or on the blog. Please do not split up presentation. Due to time restraints I need you to either present all info hard copy or on the blog/computer. 
Research artists working with multiple panels. 
Post at least three visual examples for research. 
Site the source for each piece of research. 
I have visual examples on the class blog that may interest you under the category "Multiple Panel".

What to put on the blog:
1. At least two professional images of the drawing. 
2. Several detail images. 
3. "Label" info for the drawing: title, medium, size (length" x width"). If your drawing has dimension on the surface your measurements will be length x width x depth. 
4. Artist statement.
5. Research with sources sited. 

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