Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Shadow Drawing, Student Work

Aly Schaper

The object that I used for my shadow drawing was a sculpture that I had made myself that worked with shadow and light, so I thought it was only appropriate to use it for a "shadow" drawing. I tried to use several different light sources to create a variety of shadows and I used three different types of sharpies to create the line variation of these shadows. The darkest shadows got the thickest sharpie, medium for medium, thin for lightest. I chose to represent shadow with lines as an aesthetic choice. I also used tape transfers, tape, and string in the final shadow drawing to create movement in the piece.  -Aly Schaper, Fall 2013

Danielle Irwin

This drawing, framed to mimic a Polaroid photograph, shows captured moments of people I care about most. Layered, these images reflect a whole experience. I chose charcoal as the medium, as it is a tool that lends itself to being very gestural, therefore best reflects these quick passing moments in life. -Danielle Irwin, Fall 2013

Mahaly Grant

I wanted to use a space that I interact with on a daily basis. I initially wanted to use a space inside my apartment, but the light was not nearly as drastic as it was on my outdoor porch. Instead of setting up a scene, I simply put the paper down underneath objects which were already outside. For the first 4-5 tracings, I tried to use the natural lighting. However, this proved difficult as the light changed far too quickly and I wasn’t able to keep up with the shadows. Once night fell, I decided to use artificial lighting in order to maintain greater control. Toward the end of the piece, I found it increasingly difficult to keep the shadows coherent and the overlap to a minimum. However, I think the final outcome is fantastic and I’m very proud of it. I think I was able to present the objects on my porch simply by shadows projected by myself and sunlight. -Mahaly Grant, Fall 2013

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