Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Kevin Mahoney, Student Work

Video Assignment: Drawing Confessions, Drawing on Landscape and Drawing in Space

This 3 part video explores a dream inspired compulsion with a reinterpretation of the word “Leave”. For the narration I used the first three definitions of “Leave” as taken from Google. It also explores the assignments: “Drawing in Space”, “Drawing Confessions”, and “Drawing in the Landscape”. -Kevin Mahoney, Fall 2013

Video Assignment: Drawing on Landscape
Every move we make leaves a mark on our surrounding landscape. For Drawing on Landscape I used this as a basis for a video. I used a GPS program to track a walk through the environment. I then output the line in a video that appears as the sound of the environment and my walking plays in the background. This allows people to visualize their own environment and realize that every action they take has an affect on their environment. -Spencer Finnell, Fall 2013

Video Assignment: Drawing in Space
This video was inspired by a walk I went on around Sunset Rock, which is what the nature clips are from. Then it became very layered. On the surface it visually shows these memories I reflected on and the walking throughout the video serves to reflect this mere crossing of paths. Beneath that surface, however, it serves to speak to the nature of each individual. It draws the connection of our human nature. None of the clips show a person interacting with another so the clips themselves are more about the particular individual in them. For some who watch this video, it elicits emotions of nostalgia or happiness, a connection with those in the video, for others, a bit of uneasiness when the laughter of each person is empty and silenced by static. Both hold importance in the video as these memories do elicit the same positive emotions out of myself, but these are also all people that were in the midst of emotional struggles. The laughing and silliness also became a way to cope as it does with many people, thus the connection to nature; this is the way we deal in a life that just keeps moving forward. -Danielle Irwin
Link here to watch video on You Tube.

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