Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Mahaly Grant, Student Work

For the Drawing on Objects assignment, I decided to paint images of vintage crime scene photographs onto objects which are present in the scenes. I had a very good time making each painting appear on the object as if it already existed on the surface. I mixed paint colors and matched them to blend perfectly with each piece. For the original Drawing on Objects assignment, I painted on the coin purse, the teacup and saucer, the book, and the salt and pepper shakers. For the final, I painted on the table and placed three scenes on a music box. I set the table in front of a window in the library, putting a lamp on top of it to illuminate the scene. For this assignment, I wanted to make viewers search for the images on each object. Although it’s apparent on several, the images themselves are not clear upon first glance. I wanted to make people investigate every object on the table, each image giving them a piece of the puzzle but not providing the whole story. Although I initially wanted to include the stories behind each crime scene somewhere on the object, I’m very happy I decided against it as I feel it would have taken away from the mysterious atmosphere of the piece. In the end, I wanted to base my work upon human curiosity and the desire for conclusions. The objects give absolutely no solutions to the scenes they present, and the concealed nature of each piece causes people to look closer and inspect them all individually.  -Mahaly Grant, Fall 2013

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