Thursday, August 15, 2013

Anne Bevan, Artist

"The shining silver shape of Moon Poolon the forest floor looks quite out of place. It stands out because of its colour and its materials, which contrast with the forest’s natural tones and textures. The artist has tried to achieve a cold and silvery appearance in the work with the ripples on the surface. As the title suggests, the sculpture sparkles like a water pool reflected by the moon. The idea of a moonlit pool in the middle of a forest brings to mind ideas of ancient myths, magic and folklore associated with the woods.  This artwork has been developed in response to its chosen site. The artist knows that the pool will respond to and change with nature and particularly the natural light as it changes from morning through day until night, which may be pitch black or even moonlit.  Anne also likes to questions the role of public sculpture within such a context.  She thinks about how people will respond to it. It's as though it tells its own ancient folk tale and people can become a part of the story by walking on it and around it.The artist has also considered the site of the artwork and its proximity to the sea and the nearby offshore oil industry. From the forest floor you can regularly see and hear helicopters fly overhead on their way to the oilrigs. Another interesting association is that 'moon pool' is the name used to describe the space in an oil platform where divers are lowered into the sea."
Image and text source is Education Scotland.  Link here to see more work by this artist and others. 

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