Saturday, August 17, 2013

Jasna Guy, Artist

"Working with stamps and linocuts is very addictive – repetition, the basis of the process, allows for large areas to be produced within a relatively (that’s relatively) short space of time (compared to hand drawing, of course). I’m up to 9,000 bees to date and counting!
At the same time, I can cut new stamps as the muse strikes me, thus maintaining some of the individuality inherent in hand drawing. The repetition involved in creating the patterns contributes to the unity of the total piece, but further, each act of stamping or printing produces a unique imprint – the pressure applied to the paper, the amount of ink on the stamp and even accidental movements and slips of the hand create a variation in each print.  From clear impressions to strange blobs, I never quite know what I’m going to get!"

"I’m experimenting with a new way of adding the blue to the image -brushing the powdered soft pastel directly onto the surface of the scanner, and then also adding it to the petal before scanning.  Prior to this, modifications (scribbles, etc.) other than the tattooing or scribing of text with a stylus never really touched the actual petals since additions and annotations were added after-the-fact in Photoshop, or to the surface of images printed and then rescanned."

Images and text source Jasna Guy.  Link here

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