Thursday, August 22, 2013

Zen Gardens

"It should be noted that, until this century, such gardens were seldom, if ever opened to the public. They were built by the ruling elite to meet their personal requirements or as temples to create in their surroundings a mood appropriate to worship and contemplation. Shugaku-in, one of the largest gardens in Kyoto, was built for a retired emperor so that he might spend his remaining years in tranquility. The garden of the Silver Pavilion or Ginkakuji was created for the Shogun Ashihaga Yashimasa in order that he might escape the maddening conflicts and violence taking place in the capital nearby. Japan's greatest general hoped to earn merit by initiating the building of the famous garden on the Ratsuna Detached Palace for the son of the reigning emperor." source is   Link here to read more history and learn about symbolism and design. 

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