Saturday, August 17, 2013

Moss Graffiti, Strook and Anna Garforth, Artists

Belgian artist Strook (a.k.a. Stefaan De Croock) has created a very interesting mural right outside the STUK art center in Leuven, Belgium. This wall, which was covered in moss, was given a modern makeover by Strook who took a pressure washer and made a relief mural out of it. By blasting away slowly and carefully at the wall, little by little an artwork came into being. What's most impressive is the fact that Strook had never used a pressure washer before and that it was a complete improvisation, with no reference sketch!  Image and text source is My Modern Met.  Link here

Anna Garforth

Anna Garforth.  Source link here

This flower-covered grass art was produced as part of an advertising campaign
for a 'Green Drinks' event in Auckland, New Zealand.  Source is 
Environmental Graffiti.  Link here.

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