Saturday, August 17, 2013

Holly Naylor, Artist

"I began pin-pricking old postcards I had found in Kazimierz market in Krakow and started to pin-prick according to tonality within the images. I however quickly progressed to the film photographs I had taken of light blurs by the Quayside in Newcastle in January before I had arrived in Krakow. I became interested in the layering of drawings, and how I considered my film photographic pieces as drawings in themselves, and so to pin-prick over the photograph was to draw over an existing drawing. The pin-pricks look as if I have almost graffitied or scribbled over the photographic drawing, with the background lighting illuminating/ highlighting certain details of the drawing tonally as if you would with the intensity of pencil tonality."

Image and text source from Holly's blog.  Link here. 

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