Thursday, August 22, 2013

Moving Shadows Drawing Assignment

Note: I have two assignments that explore shadows. This one is "Moving Shadows" and the other is "Shadow Drawings".

Interact with a tangible form.  Observe the formal qualities of the form through light.  Record the shadows on paper using black and white media


  • White paper, 5' x 6' (use two sheets of paper from white paper roll in art building or piece together smaller pieces of paper)
  • Black and white media (use one or all - ink, charcoal, conte, sharpie, pencil, pen, white gesso, black gesso, sew with white or black thread, black or white yarn can be incorporated)
  • Additional tools that can be used for mark making: eraser, sandpaper, hole punch, pin pricks, stamping, clear tape, white/black tape.


  • Light source can be controlled or dependent upon natural light (keep in mind, different times of day produce different types of light - you will want to utilize various times of day.  Weather will also play a factor).  
  • The drawing is determined  by the shadows.  The shadows lead - outline the contours, mimic the values, look at negative space as well as positive space, consider line quality, observe levels of contrast.  
  • The shadows have an enormous amount of information to offer.  You will have to spend time looking with an observational eye.  
  • The tangible form can be something you make, piece together or an existing form.  
  • If using an objective form, for instance a chandelier, the goal is not to replicate the chandelier in the drawing.  You will have to use the negative space and line work in an overlapping manner to distort the recognizable image.
  • Your choice - the object you use as a source for shadows can be part of the final solution if you choose.  It is not required to be part of the final solution.

  • You are required to document your process.  
  • At least 10 professional images must appear on your blog demonstrating your process.  
  • Keep in mind that the process of drawing shadows will produce interesting photographs.  
  • Strive for not only documentation photos but photos that demonstrate composition, shape, form, line.

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